Indo-European Education Foundation is a Polish NGO nonprofit organisation operating since 2013. The Foundation’s mission is to create a bridge between India and Poland based on the project: Academia-Industry Interlinked model of Business Cooperation. The project aims to support the program of internationalisation of Polish higher education and to increase the involvement of science and higher education in the economic growth of the country by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and tools to expand distant, with a highly potential Indian market.

As parts of it’s activities, the Foundation implemented dedicated programs towards higher education in order to support student’s recruitment for Polish Universities: “CET-India Test” the Common Entrance Test (CET) for Indian students seeking higher education in Poland, which assure the quality of students and financial ability before joining the universities in Poland. IEEF has also initiated by launching “Poland Go India” project for educational cooperation, and organising many national and international conferences, seminars, trainings and publications in India as well as in Poland for further cooperation in the field of research and industrial.