First cycle studies, Bachelor’s degree

Duration of the studies: 3 years

One academic year is composed of 2 semesters (5 month lasting each)

Mode: regular, intramural

Lectures will be provided in English language in ESLA’s main seat in Warsaw (Poland)

Tuition fees:

The admission fee is 150 Euro and it is paid once during recruitment procedure.

 The total tuition fee per one academic year (2 semesters) – 3.200 Euro


Holders of the Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Recreation acquire comprehensive humanistic, economic, legal and environmental knowledge and the studies’ interdisciplinary nature gives them an opportunity to broaden their horizons and become creative and flexible employees.

The purpose of the study program is to educate and prepare graduates for the pursuit of professions in a dynamically changing and increasingly diverse tourism and recreation industry.

The graduates also learn about selected information technologies applied in the organization of tourism and related services, will be able to identify and describe problems in the area of tourism and recreation and design related solutions. They will acquire practical skills in the field of developing tourist services and products, taking into account cognitive and educational elements.


Education in the following specialties is provided as part of the studies in the field of TOURISM AND RECREATION:

  • organization of tourist service providers
  • hotel management
  • tourism economy in Europe
  • business tourism
  • management of tourist and recreational events
  • recreation activities for seniors and persons with disabilities
  • international tourism
  • massage in recreation
  • agrotourism

*a given specialty will be available depending on the number of applicants


The holders of the Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Recreation can work for tourist companies, hotels, boardinghouses (pensions) and tourist accommodation establishments as well as hold managerial positions in government and self-government administration bodies dealing with the Polish tourism and recreation.