First cycle studies, Bachelor’s degree

Duration of the studies: 3 years

One academic year is composed of 2 semesters (5 month lasting each)

Mode: regular, intramural

Lectures will be provided in English language in ESLA’s main seat in Warsaw (Poland)

Tuition fees:

The admission fee is 150 Euro and it is paid once during recruitment procedure.

 The total tuition fee per one academic year (2 semesters) – 3.200 Euro


Holders of the Bachelor’s degree in State Management have interdisciplinary and expert knowledge in the field of public administration, basics of the law, international relations, economics, marketing, management and business. They will be capable of its skillful application in a public sphere in accordance with the principles of ethics and best international practices. In the course of the studies, they will acquire competences in managing changes in economy and political structures owing to learning about and becoming aware of the complex nature of those processes and the necessity of their comprehensive perception and the ad hoc analysis of consequences of decisions taken.


Education in the following specialties is provided as part of the first cycle studies in the field of State Management:

National security and emergency management

 government and self-government administration

 management of the highest state authorities (Sejm, Senate, ministries)

 management of public organizations

 management of Human Resources

 management of healthcare

 management of public finances

 management of urban agglomerations

 political systems and party systems in the world

 international security and combating terrorism (English and Arabic languages)

 State security


*a given specialty will be available depending on the number of applicants


In Poland, the state is the largest employer creating approximately 3 million jobs!

The State Management graduates will have adequate qualifications to pursue a career in management and leadership roles in the public sector in: ministries and central administration offices,  voivodship offices,  self-government units,  associations,  foundations, public institutions in Poland, and EU administration units.