First cycle studies, Bachelor’s degree

Duration of the studies: 3 years

One academic year is composed of 2 semesters (5 month lasting each)

Mode: regular, intramural

Lectures will be provided in English language in ESLA’s main seat in Warsaw (Poland)

Tuition fees:

The admission fee is 150 Euro and it is paid once during recruitment procedure. 

The total tuition fee per one academic year (2 semesters) – 3.200 Euro


Holders of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in International relations acquire expertise in economic, social, legal and political sciences enabling them to learn and understand the mechanisms of international relations in politics and economy. Additionally, in the course of the studies the students acquire skills required for different functions in a social, political and cultural life in the progressing global and regional integration. They will be capable of devising own solutions to specific problems related to foreign policy as well as justifying their choice of an optimal resolution. The graduates will acquire interdisciplinary knowledge allowing to identify processes in the contemporary world , and applying negotiation techniques they will be able to manage teams engaged in international projects and propose their legal and organizational structure.


Education in the following specialties is provided as part of the first cycle and second cycle studies in the field of the INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS:

*a given specialty will be available depending on the number of applicants


  • International relations graduates will be prepared to pursue a career in:
  • international institutions and organizations,
  • diplomacy,
  • media,
  • Polish and European public administration bodies,
  • companies and institutions fostering international political, economic and cultural co-operation.
  • Other employment opportunities include working for:
  • cultural and educational centers and institutions,
  • higher education and research institutions,
  • institutions engaged in advisory and consultancy, and international market corporations and agendas